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Dear College Football Fans,


I love you too.



September 3, 2009

South Carolina @ NC State is up at 7 EST on ESPN / ESPN360

Oregon @ Boise State is on at 10:15 EST on ESPN / ESPN360


May your evening be filled with much joy and visions of barely-contained brutality.  And since we (a) don't have Tennessee football tonight and (b) didn't get this one in earlier today, here's a few minutes of brain candy to round out the afternoon.


(Courtesy lucanius1535)

For those of you who are new to game threads on Rocky Top Talk (or on SBNation in general), this is a great chance to try it out.  Since it's not a Vols game, give it a test drive; we think you'll find you really enjoy the experience, but if you don't, at least you'll know that for the future.  All we ask is to be respectful and use language that most parents would find suitable for their kids to read.