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The Record of Wrongs: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

During basketball season last year, we at RTT stumbled onto a fun little feature called the Record of Wrongs. It's basically a list of offenses -- real, imagined, or just plain made up for fun -- committed by our opponent for that week.

This week's a little different because really, what has Western Kentucky ever done to us? Nothing. We've never played them. But that won't stop us from making a list of general crimes against humanity, however abbreviated it may be.

  • As mentioned in the game preview, WKU's logo is a towel, which violates the rule requiring football logos (with the exception of those that are exclusively text-based) to feature an animal snarling, charging, diving, swooping, thrusting, clawing, ramming or otherwise threatening all manner of bodily harm.
  • This:


    It's a smiling glob of goo. Really, why bother with the shoes?

And let's be honest. For Tennessee, the 2009 opener is really about erasing the memory of 2008. So with all due apologies to WKU, we are going to take all of our frustrations out on you, your goo, and your towel for the following injustices:

Congratulations, Western Kentucky! You've been volunteered for vicarious atonement!