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Pre-game guesses: Tennessee-Western Kentucky

We'll be doing the pre-game guesses again this year. For those new to RTT this season, here's the idea:

Each Game Day, we'll post three questions about that day's Tennessee game. You post answers in the comment thread. Answer correctly and you get points. A few days later, we'll compile that week's results and update the season standings. Points can be redeemed for . . . bragging rights.

All right, then. Here are this week's questions:

  1. How many total touchdowns for UT?
  2. How many sacks for UT?
  3. Who gets the first interception for UT?

Just put your answers in THE SUBJECT LINE of your response to this thread. For example, the subject line of your post might be:

3, 2, Berry

The person who posts the comment with the most recs gets a point, too. Ties will be resolved by Hooper, Will, and I.

Have fun, and Go Vols!