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Saturday Afternoon/Evening Open Game Thread

Joel and Will will be taking care of the postgame this weekend, though they still have a little bit of driving before they reach their respective homes.  Until then, there's still plenty of action left on the opening weekend, including a close tilt in Stillwater, Oklahoma where Georgia and Oklahoma State are currently tied at 7 just before halftime.  And as of right now, the SEC is 3-0 in nonconference play, thanks to UT and UK coming through on their cupcakes while South Carolina managed to find a more pathetic BCS offense in NC State.

So for the ongoing and upcoming games of this weekend, consider this your postgame thread.  I will add my thoughts about the Tennessee game later on, once Joel and Will have had their say, but I want to look up some numbers and check out some of the replays first.  I will say this much, though: the sideline-to-quarterback communication is vastly improved over last year; I focused on that for nearly the whole game and never once saw any hesitation between QB and coach - whether the QB was Jonathan Crompton or Nick Stephens.

And if you're on the fence about whether you want to attend a game at Neyland Stadium, go.  There is never a dull moment on that sideline.