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Post game awards: Tennessee - Western Kentucky

Best hit. Bryce Brown on the guy who first intercepted Jonathan Crompton. Nailed the guy just as he was turning and sent him back two yards with a terrifying jolt.

Best nice try. Janzen Jackson, for laying out for what everyone else but Eric Berry would deem an uncatchable pass in the first quarter.

Best call. Dave [Neal?], who, following Dan Williams's 15-yard personal foul penalty, said, "Coach O can fill up an earhole."

Worst call. Andre Ware, I think, who credited a sack to "Rico Smith." The sack should have been given to Chris Walker.

Best inside information. Eric Berry's pre-game routine includes "no lotion" and red Skittles.

Scariest moment. Bryce Brown writhing on the ground after an awkward, post-tackle landing early in the game.

Best recovery. Bryce Brown, a handful of plays later, returning to the lineup to continue to pound WKU.

Worst squandering of potential call. One of the commentators used Jihad's last name when not using it would have resulted in this: "Denarius Moore brought down by Jihad."

Best score. The first, with Bryce Brown running through two guys and over another. He wasn't finished until he was a yard past the last, flattened man.

Best series by a single player. LaMarcus Thompson, who pancaked the ball carrier on the kick return after Tennessee's first score, and then, on the very next snap, blew through the line and forced and recovered a fumble.

Best series, team. The one kicked off by Thompson's pancake/forced fumble. On the very next play, Crompton hit Luke Stocker for a TD, and then the defense got into the action with a sack followed by a wicked hit by McCoy for no gain, another big hit on the QB scrambling out of bounds on 3rd and 14, and 15-yard punt return by Nuke (although this last bit was negated by a block in the back.).

Best stat. WKU had -13 rushing yards midway through the 3rd quarter.

Best run. Hardesty, 43 yards for the 34th point, jetting through a huge whole opened up by the o-line, and then splitting two defenders on his way to the end zone, going backwards for the last five.

Worst defense. WKU's only scoring drive. Anomaly.

Best butt chewing. Eddie Gran of Bryce Brown's, after Brown's 34-yard gain late in the third quarter. Hoo-wee! Gran was hot.

Best first play. Nick Stephens, who hit Nu'Keese Richardson for a 27-yard gain on his first play in relief of Crompton in the fourth quarter.

Most interesting comment. Lane Kiffin, who said on his TV show something about how you can gauge a championship team by how many former quarterbacks are starting on defense.

What have we missed?