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SEC Power Poll: Drafty-Draft


Another returning tradition of college football bloggery returns with the SEC Power Poll, moderated by cocknfire of Team Speed Kills.  The ballot will be due tomorrow this week, thanks to the Labor Day holiday (in which all SEC fans - save UGA fans - can bask in victory).  As a general rule, my Power Poll will have the same hierarchy as the BlogPoll, though this gives us a better chance to discuss the unranked SEC teams than the BlogPoll does.

Much like the BlogPoll,. we simply don't have enough information to make a nice, clean list.  The first few teams are easy to figure out, but the bottom half is a pick 'em.

  1. Florida.  Not putting them here would be just plain silly.
  2. Alabama.  It may have been ugly, but they won the way they want to win - by wearing the opponent out and simply rolling over them.
  3. LSU.  If you've followed the BlogPoll, you'll see that Ole Miss was last seen higher than LSU.  That's changing; I was more impressed with the win that LSU earned after the 2,500 mile run to the Pacific Time Zone than Ole Miss's early struggles.
  4. Ole Miss.  The second half was much better.  We'll see whether the first half was opening jitters or a signal of something more systemic.
  5. Tennessee.  After week one, I would normally be happy with either UT or UGA here.  However, the injury to Sturdivant and the newfound questions about the passing game are big concerns.
  6. Georgia.  It may have been a loss, but at least it was on the road, against a tough team, and reasonably close.  They are seriously going to miss Sturdivant, though.
  7. Auburn.  Not a bad start for the Tigers, who may be the biggest name in the SEC that nobody's heard of.
  8. Kentucky.  Here, everything is a tossup right now.  I place UK here simply because Miami (OH) is a D-1 opponent and they pitched a shutout.  Their questions are special teams and defensive line, but the offense appeared to work well.
  9. Vanderbilt.  The 45-0 shutout was the most impressive of the remaining 1-AA steamrollers.
  10. South Carolina.  Garcia may prove to be reliable this year, but that was a dismal first outing on Thursday.
  11. Arkansas.  They had a very strong passing day (449 yards), but the run game, special teams, and defense were all questionable against Missouri State.
  12. Mississippi State.  Another solid win, but even their own fans admit that they have a long ways to go, SEC-wise.

That's the draft.  I'll submit it this evening alongside the BlogPoll; any feedback is appreciated, as always, as well as continued discussion on the BlogPoll if you feel like it.