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Ted Meline Commits to the Tennessee Volunteers

This is now the official RTT picture for recruiting news.
This is now the official RTT picture for recruiting news.

The Tennessee Volunteers have added their third wide receiver* for the 2010 recruiting class - a fleet-of-foot South Floridian named Ted Meline.  Meline was a product of North Miami Senior High School and currently rates as a Rivals four-star / Scout three star despite having had an injury that kept him sidelined for most of his senior season.  He was named the MVP at the National Underclassmen Combine in Boca Raton previously, so the injury is probably the only reason his name hasn't been a hot topic of conversation earlier.

Metrics:  He stands about 6'-3" and runs a 4.4 40, weighing in somewhere around 170 pounds.  He has a 33" vertical jump and a 9'-10" broad jump.  As far as I can judge for high schoolers, he appears fluid and agile with good hands.  For those who are into star rankings, he has a great chance to improve his stock; his lost time in his junior season likely held back his ratings throughout the summer, but will quickly be forgiven if he produces.

* - Speculation is running that he may become a defensive back.  There is nothing of substance to verify this, but it is a reasonable possibility.  Until further notice, assume that the idea is in play and that a third wide receiver slot may still be wide open.  (ESPN's writeup discusses this idea the most comprehensively.) -hooper

YouTube?  YouTube, with helpful annotations:

(Like most star player YouTubes, he's the big kid outrunning everybody.)

One special note:  he's listed as a North Miami Senior High School student, but is transferring to Booker T Washington for his senior year.  Booker T is also the high school of Eduardo Clements, a four-star running back who is still available, and other notable players.

The Big Board is updated.  What a busy week!