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BREAKING NEWS: Tyler Smith, Cameron Tatum, Brian Williams and Melvin Goins arrested

Happy New Year...

The Sports Animal's Heather Harrington is confirming with Knoxville Police Department sources (via Twitter) that Tyler Smith, Cameron Tatum, Brian Williams, and Melvin Goins have been arrested for weapons charges and marijuana possession.  The Knoxville News-Sentinel is reporting the arrest took place after a traffic stop.  More to follow...

UPDATE 3:37 PM - Wes Rucker has the following as Pearl's statement:

"We take these matters very seriously.  We are still gathering information.  Once the appropriate authorities have provided us with all of the facts, we will act accordingly."

Heather Harrington has also added that the arrests took place on I-40 around 11:00 AM this morning.

UPDATE 3:57 PM - Brent Hubbs at VolQuest ($) is reporting that the car they were driving does not belong to any of the four.  So things either got much better or much worse.

UPDATE 4:07 PM - Knoxville affiliate WVLT is reporting that two firearms were found in the car with serial numbers filed off.  Wes Rucker's twitter (same link as above) states that there was also an open alcohol container and Cam Tatum was driving.  Rucker and Hubbs have conflicting reports from WVLT about whether one or two firearms were present had altered serial numbers.  Hubbs says they were pulled over for speeding.

I'm gonna lean towards much worse.

UPDATE 4:15 PM - From Wes Rucker:

 Because of gun location under his seat, Tyler Smith initially charged with the altered serial number weapon possession. That's the big'n.

UPDATE 4:29 PM - Brent Hubbs at VolQuest ($) now has a rundown of all of the charges - Tyler Smith and Brian Williams have the altered serial number charges, all four are being hit with weapon possession charges currently (maybe still some sorting out there?), Melvin Goins and Williams have drug possession charges, and Cam Tatum as the driver picks up the open alcohol container charge.

UPDATE 4:43 PM - From WVLT, the release from the Knoxville Police Department:

On January 01, 2010, at about 1127 hrs., Officer Sakovich stopped a car for speeding on I-129 at Kingston Pk. The officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car as he spoke with the driver. The officer requested back up and a K-9 officer. Officer Chadwell walked his dog around the vehicle were it alerted. The driver and 3 passengers were taken out of the vehicle so officers could search the vehicle.

Items and their locations found inside the vehicle:
A. handgun under driver seat , accessible by either the driver or left rear seat passenger.
B. handgun, with altered serial #, under passenger seat, accessible by either the front seat passenger or right rear seat passenger C. baggy of schedule VI drugs D. open container of alcohol

It could not be determined if the driver and passengers were under the influence of marijuana or not although the strong odor indicated that marijuana had been recently smoked in the car. Because of this, physical arrests were made instead of misdemeanor citations for the misdemeanor charges. Possession of a firearm with an altered serial # is a felony charge. All four individuals were physically arrested.

Suspects and charges:

1. Cameron Alexander Tatum (driver) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) open container of alcohol
2.David Tyler Smith (front seat passenger) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of firearm with altered serial # 3.Melvin Lamont Goins II ( left rear seat passenger ) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of schedule VI 4.Brian M. Williams ( right rear seat passenger ) (a)unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of firearm with altered serial # (c) poss. of schedule VI

This will be the only information released on this incident until Monday, January 4, 2010.