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Tennessee Volunteers vs. Kansas Jayhawks: open game thread

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January 10, 2010
4:30 EST
Internet audio: CBS Sports
Live stats: UTSports
Jayhawks vs Volunteers coverageRock Chalk Talk

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11-2 (0-0)
#16 (AP)
#16 (USA Today)
14-0 (0-0)
#1 (AP)
#1 (USA Today)
Jackson the Mule says . . .
Jackson the Mule Logo
. . . with shoes like that, they have to be slow.

Not sure about the other guys because pnuemonia has kept me from talking to anyone or doing anything but freeze, sweat, and cough for a week, but I'll be watching this one from the sofa, sans computer. Come to think of it, in my delirium, I think I remember reading something about Will being at the game, so he's probably out, too. Hooper? Hooper's joined a militia in Wyoming, one that's going to resist governmental encroachment using nothing but numbers.

So make yourselves at home. And wash your hands.

Go Vols! Hulk smash Clown-birds!