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Tennessee-Kansas: it never gets old!

Today's Talking Points:

  • If you saw the Tennessee-Kansas post-game locker room video we posted yesterday (and if you haven't, you need to), you heard Bruce Pearl ask, "Is [McBee's] shot worth how many hours in the gym, when other kids were going out doing something else?" Well, apart from the awkward post-game grammar problems (sorry, Bruce!) the TFP tells us that McBee shoots three-pointers each morning in the summer until he hits 200 of them and then does the same thing all over again each night. Why does he do it? Well, why do any of the walk-ons and also-rans do it? Bruce Pearl knows: "Why does [Steven Pearl] take abuse in practice all the time and never get out there because he's got so many good players in front of him? Why not just be a regular student? Because he's got the opportunity to do something like this.'' Yes. Yes. Yes. If we fans can feel like we do after a win like that, what must it be like for the players, especially the ones who weren't supposed to see meaningful minutes?
  • Speaking of Tennessee-Kansas (will it ever get old? Early returns say . . . no!), the must-read article on the game comes from CBS' Gary Parish, including this fantastic bit:

    "I have no words to describe it," Skylar McBee said. "How many people get the chance to say they played against the No. 1 team in the country?"


    Better question: How many freshmen walk-ons get the chance to say they buried a 3-pointer from the left wing as the shot clock expired in the final minute to lead his team past the No. 1 team in the country on CBS just a week after four key players were arrested? I'm not 100 percent certain of the answer, but I'm going to assume the answer is one.

    That one is Skylar McBee, who hit the key shot in the Vols' upset the No. 1 Jayhawks on Sunday before a rowdy crowd of 21,936 here at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    See also, Clay Travis' take.


  • Oh, and one more thing: Bobby Maze is your SEC Player of the Week for averaging 14.5 points, 6 rebounds, and 5.5 assists in wins over Charlotte and Kansas. Sorry, excuse me. That should read "#1 Kansas." That's an important fact. That never gets old.
  • Video of the day: Scotty Hopson feature from the Bruce Pearl Show.
  • Blake Sims, a four-star athlete according to Rivals, has decommitted from Alabama and said that he will substitute an official to Tuscaloosa with one to Knoxville. You may recall that this is the guy who showed up unexpectedly at a Tennessee camp over the summer. Dude's full of surprises.
  • Nu'Keese Richardson pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of attempted robbery yesterday for the Pellets and the Prius fiasco. He's enrolled at Hampton University, and if he completes the terms of his probationary period and doesn't get into any more legal trouble, his record can be expunged. Best of luck to ya, Nuke.
  • Three more Florida Gators are foregoing their senior years in favor of the NFL: Carlos Dunlap, Maurkice Pouncey (the other Pouncey's staying), and Major Wright.
  • Nick Saban says that Kirby Smart is staying put at Alabama and not heading to Georgia. Good news for the Tide, bad news for Georgia, and a bit of a wash for us.