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ESPN: USC has hired Lane Kiffin away from Tennessee

I was talking with a high-level confidential source who was trying to get confirmation over what we both considered to be a ridiculous rumor: that Lane Kiffin has accepted the head coach position at USC, when ESPN's Joe Schaad's twitter feed released the same information.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Dominoes:

If true, Ed Orgeron is also likely gone. As is Monte. Who knows who else? And who else is out there to get at this time? Mike Leach? Has that apple bruised?

More as it develops.

[Note by Joel, 01/12/10 8:47 PM EST ] Initial reports -- and these are highly dubious at this time -- are that all coaches are gone except for Kippy Brown, who's now the interim.

Look, things are going to be crazy around here for awhile. How could he do this to us? Why should we have to start over two years in a row? Was everyone right about this guy? I honestly thought he and his excellent staff had things turned around and were ready to push the thing in the right direction this season or at least the next. But what do we do now? So many moves have already been made. Kelly's off to Notre Dame. Charlie Strong's off to Louisville. Who was the guy that Clay Travis said was second in line to Kiffin last year? Some armed services guy, I think.

I'm rambling. But get used to it. It's going to be a long week. And I was looking forward to recruiting. Players, that is.

[Note by Joel, 01/12/10 9:15 PM EST ] It's official: USC has announced the arrival of Kiffin, plus Orgeron and Monte. says there's to be a "briefing" at 9:30 p.m.