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More thoughts on Lane Kiffin's abandonment of Tennessee: deep breath, y'all

As the torches cool this morning, it's probably a good time for all of Vol nation to take a deep breath and a fresh look at things in the light of day.

  • Regarding this year's signing class. I'm not sure who all was already enrolled for classes. I'm told that if they're enrolled, they're here unless they want to sit out for a whole year.  Even though classes start tomorrow. Actual attendance at class might not matter. Can anyone confirm this? In any event, we do now have a link for the report that Ed Orgeron has already contacted the early enrollees, presumably for the nefarious purpose of recruiting them to USC. Leaving after a year of rabble rousing is one thing. Leaving the program in a lurch at the worst possible time is another. And raiding the bank account on the way out the door is something still more.
  • National Signing is close, but there are still three weeks. It's not a lot of time, but if Mike Hamilton can find a top-end replacement, we may yet be able to do some significant damage control.
  • Looking at the positive, if any of our recruits actually do follow Kiffin and his staff to USC, well, at least they're not going to the SEC. Hey. It's something.
  • It's probably best to give Mike Hamilton a chance to make a great hire before he's tallied up as a failure. I don't know how he would have been able to predict this turn of events, and buyouts work both ways. We know Kiffin's buyout to leave was $800k, but what was the penalty for the University if we needed to get rid of him? Also low, I'm guessing. And there are candidates available, and it's still quite possible that we find ourselves with an actual upgrade.
  • As hurt and disappointed as we fans are, think about the players. It's not their fault and they're not the bad guys. Those left behind need our support like never before.