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The juicy bits from Tennessee's afternoon press conference

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The press conference just ended, so there's no transcript or anything yet, but Hooper kept a running commentary in the open thread. A few highlights:

  • In response to a question on how he would describe Lane Kiffin's tenure at Tennessee, Mike Hamilton simply responded, "Brief."
  • In responding to reports of the near-riot on campus last night in response to the news, Hamilton, who was on his way back to town at the time, joked, "Heck, I might have been out there with them, had I been here."
  • When asked what he said to Kiffin when Kiffin informed him that he'd taken the USC job, Hamilton said that he told him, "This is the most competitive league in America. I thought you were a competitive guy."
  • Hamilton may have said this as well (if so, I missed it), but interim head coach Kippy Brown says that they hope to have a coach hired by Friday, maybe Saturday. Kippy also says that he's been told he's a candidate, that he feels that he's qualified, and that he'll "keep an open mind" if they decide to go with someone else.