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Pop podcast! Tonight at 9:30 or so EST

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[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 9:06 PM EST ] Game's over, but we're going to wait until 9:30. See y'all then.

Surprise podcast!

Join Will and . . . well, Will tonight immediately following the Tennessee basketball game to talk about that, Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, and whoever might be the next coach of the Volunteer football team. I'll be pushing buttons, but to keep the bacteria from accumulating on my computer screen and microphone, I am going to attempt to refrain from speaking, and I am instituting a strict no humor rule for the evening. Hey, have you ever accidentally laughed with pneumonia? It's not fun. ;-)

Anyway, we're trying to line up a guest so Will will have someone to talk to, but if we don't, tonight would be a really swell time for y'all to call in. We had 35,000 guests to the site yesterday, so it's not like you don't have something to say, right?

Here's the call in info:

  • Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
  • Call ID: 61505

You don't have to have a Talkshoe account, but it helps us identify who you are when you call or participate in the live chat. Either way, call in, because although I know Will can talk for 30 minutes straight, who of us wants that? (Kidding! Love ya, Will!) But seriously, call in.