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Report: Troy Calhoun to stay at Air Force

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Multiple sources, including VolQuest ($), have cited that Troy Calhoun will issue a statement saying that he will stay at Air Force.  This makes Tennessee 0-2 in finding a replacement for Lane Kiffin, with Will Muschamp and Troy Calhoun turning down what most believe to have been contract offers.  We'll have Calhoun's statement for you when it becomes available.

UPDATE 3:16 PM EST - and here it is, h/t to lawvol at Gate 21:

Air Force has released a statement saying Troy Calhoun will remain coach at the academy in 2010.

Here is the statement from Calhoun:

“We are more than grateful and proud to be closely involved with the character building of our cadets and the mission of the United States Air Force Academy. We are diligently recruiting and working with our team to prepare for the upcoming season. We look forward to coaching and being a part of the Air Force Academy team both on and off the field in 2010.”

Next?  David Cutcliffe?  Peyton Manning?  Ditka?