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Source: David Cutcliffe to release statement soon

Per an inside source at the Duke Athletic Department, David Cutcliffe is set to make some sort of an announcement shortly. I have reason to believe it has something to do with the Tennessee opening, but I do not -- repeat, I DO NOT -- have any information to indicate that he's either taking the job or not taking the job. Or been offered the job. Or . . . anything. Just that he's making a statement. Shoot, the tip could be wrong, and he could be telling his secretary what he wants for lunch.

But there it is.

[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 3:20 PM EST ] And take this for whatever it's worth:


[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 3:23 PM EST ] Also, the tweet below. I don't know the tweeter, and I can't find the source, even though he cites Jim Wogan, but according to this guy, Wogan says Hamilton's been in Durham.

[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 3:30 PM EST ] Here it is, from Wogan: Hamilton talks to Cut today, Cut talks to Duke AD this afternoon.

[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 4:02 PM EST ] Wogan reporting that Hamilton and Cutcliffe are talking this afternoon, and that Cutcliffe has already talked to the Duke AD. Probably no official offer yet. And if all of that's true, an announcement from Cutcliffe "soon" is probably premature.

[Note by Joel, 01/14/10 3:59 PM EST ] Look! It's a real-time twitter feed just for #vols and Cutcliffe!