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Vols pick up one receiver, lose another

Today's talking points:

  • The TFP's Mark Wiedmer suggests that it's time to consider the Tennessee Volunteers a Final Four contender. I don't know about that. It's certainly possible, but I plan to enjoy one game at a time.
  • Roll Bama Roll has the Tide perspective on last night's Tennessee-Alabama game. Pretty fair.
  • Vols in the Fall has an excellent post on why Derek Dooley is a good hire for Tennessee.
  • Clay Travis injects a little humor into the Lane Kiffin thing and also includes this bit:
    But if you needed any single event that better symbolized the massive difference between the mercenary/stripper era of college football and the era that ended in the SEC with the firing of coach Phil Fulmer, how both men made their exits summed it up best.

    Phil Fulmer wore a suit, prepared his remarks, sat at a table next to the man who was firing him, Mike Hamilton, allowed the event to be carried on live television, fielded questions from the media, and cried on his departure from Tennessee. The entire Volunteer team was there to support their coach.

    Lane Kiffin showed up in a white polo shirt -- short sleeved -- and jeans. He had no prepared remarks, refused to allow the media to carry his statement live, talked for just 90 seconds, took no questions, and not one single player was there to support their coach. How could they be? The departing coaches were too busy trying to convince them to skip across the country to California and join them there.
  • Speaking of Kiffin, Lexus of Knoxville is confirming that Kiffin wrecked one of their cars while he was here. I got an email from someone I didn't know about this when it happened and didn't act on it. I was glad that I didn't when Kiffin later came out and joked that he was no longer allowed to drive after having fallen asleep at the wheel after a long stretch at camp. The rumors are much different than that explanation, but who knows. And more importantly, why do we care? The most amusing thing is the statement from Lexus: "We have no knowledge of any of the alleged facts surrounding the accident being reported on the Internet. Any further questions should be forwarded to Lane Kiffin at the University of Southern California." Heh. Yeah, go ahead and call Lane about it.
  • Sigh. Well, Kevin Steele was going to be Tennessee's next defensive coordinator, but now he's not. Apparently. Moving target, all of this coaching stuff. Wes Rucker says that Steele had planned to take the job and that some claimed he accepted it, but that Clemson made a push to keep him, and he changed his mind. The Vols reportedly offered a multi-year, $700,000 deal, significantly more than Steele's contract with Clemson from last year ($375,000). Clemson apparently "augmented" that -- heh -- but it was likely not as much as Tennessee's offer. Things could still change, as Steele's apparently been given the night to think about it, but to me it sounds like he's staying.