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#3 Lady Vols at #8 Lady Bulldogs Play for Control of the SEC at 7 PM EST Tonight!

 Position Name  Experience  Height PPG RPG APG
lady vols logo Angie Bjorklund  Jr  6-0 15.5 2.9 2.5
Taber Spani  Fr  6-1 7.0 3.4 1.4
Glory Johnson  So  6-3 12.9 8.6 1.2
G-F  Shekinna Stricklen  So  6-2 13.5 6.5 4.1
Kelley Cain  So  6-6 9.2 7.4 1.1
georgia logo G Ashley Houts Sr 5-6 12.6 3.6 3.8
F Jasmine James Fr 6-2 12.2 5.3 3.3
F Porsha Phillips Jr 6-2 9.1 7.9 1.0
F Angel Robinson Sr 6-5 8.5 8.3 0.8
G Meredith Mitchell Sr 6-1 7.7 5.0 1.4



Internet TV / Radio:  ESPN360 / Lady Vols Network

The tilt against Georgia is the singularly most important conference game for the Lady Vols this year.  Georgia only has one conference loss, so an upset here would put UGA as the top team in the conference.  Additionally, since these teams only play each other once this year, Tennessee wouldn't have a chance to redeem themselves, should they lose.  Having this game in Athens certainly doesn't help a whole lot either, as the Lady Bulldogs have enjoyed a rather successful program for several years and have a fanbase who will come and support their team.

Georgia is one of the few teams in the country who can match up with the Lady Vols in terms of size.  Because of UGA's height, expect Tennessee to play more man defense tonight instead of the zone defense they have used against smaller, quicker teams.  With man defense, this game will truly be won by hustle.  If they Lady Vols can outwork their opponent for 40 minutes, they should be able to take home a win and enjoy a 2-game lead over the rest of the SEC.

Georgia's Angel Robinson is tall enough and experienced enough to hang with UT's dominant center, Kelley Cain.  Additionally, Georgia has held all opponents under 60 points this year except for Kentucky (who got 60 points in OT) and Arkansas (who scored 63 in a loss last Sunday).  Georgia brings the defense and Georgia is fully committed to working their hardest.  If UT plays with the same inconsistency they have shown the previous two games, this will be a long night.

But if the Ladies put it together and hold strong, this game could clear the way for a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.