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A closer examination of Derek Dooley's 17-20 record

Today's Talking Points:

  • The scouting report on Kenny Hall is out: he's a dominating offensive rebounder. He had a double-double at Alabama that included six offensive rebounds.
  • Bruce Pearl does not expect to change the rotation against Georgia on Saturday as long as foul trouble doesn't force his hand.
  • Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has confirmed that Tiger defensive coordinator Kevin Steele is staying at Clemson despite reports he could double his salary at Tennessee. By the way, don't expect many more reports like this, not because we've stopped looking or because we expect the next one to say yes, but because Wes Rucker says that the department is growing more concerned about public rejections, so they're going to stop talking publicly about their search.
  • We heard much of this straight from the mouth of coach Dooley, but former Vol Ahmad Paige chimes in about his system, saying that Dooley's going to do whatever works.
  • Luke Stocker's puppy!