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SEC Basketball Power Poll Week 3 - RTT Ballot


We didn't post our ballot last week in the midst of the football coaching search, but we're back this week with the SEC power poll.  This ballot was submitted after the Florida-Arkansas game last night:

SEC Power Poll - Week 3 Ballot

1. Kentucky Wildcats (18-0, 3-0)

2. Tennessee Volunteers (15-2, 3-0)

3. Vanderbilt Commodores (14-3, 3-0)

4. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (15-3, 3-0)

5. Mississippi Rebels (14-4, 2-2)

6. Florida Gators (13-5, 2-2)

7. South Carolina Gamecocks (11-7, 2-2)

8. Arkansas Razorbacks (8-10, 1-2)

9. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-7, 1-3)

10. Georgia Bulldogs (8-8, 0-3)

11. Auburn Tigers (10-9, 1-3)

12. LSU Tigers (9-9, 0-4)

Some thoughts and analysis after the jump... 

  • If you'd like to see Kentucky at #1 when we face them on February 13, here's the table the Cats must run:  Arkansas, at South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, at LSU, Alabama.  And while Devan Downey is capable of anything, those aren't the most difficult road tests in the conference, and I'm not sure this team will lose at Rupp.  Tennessee's run of leading the conference in scoring under Pearl is in serious jeopardy this season.
  • The win over Ole Miss was huge, but UT's other SEC wins are against the bottom tier.  We'll keep taking all of them we can get, but I'm very interested to see this team against Vanderbilt and Florida next week.
  • Vandy gets the nod over Mississippi State for a better overall body of work - Vandy's losses are to Cincinnati, Illinois, and Western Kentucky.  MSU's losses are to Rider, Richmond, and...Western Kentucky.
  • The top four are very solid, and I think Ole Miss is plenty good as well - all five should be thinking NCAA Tournament.  From there?  How far can Downey carry South Carolina?  How long will it take us to figure out if Florida is good or not?
  • Head-to-head bonus:  Arkansas over Alabama, Auburn over LSU.