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Former babysitter endorses Derek Dooley

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Talking Points for 1/25/10:

  • Oh, look: Another nostalgia piece on Derek Dooley's formative years, including a glowing report from his former baby-sitter. Really. As weird as that is, it does seem like he's made a positive impression on everyone with which he's come into contact, which is great.
  • Tight end Mychal Rivera (3-star Rivals, 3-star Scout) has Tennessee as his leader. He visited this weekend and says that he plans to let Precious know his intentions by Wednesday.
  • Offensive lineman (4-star Rivals, 3-star Scout) enjoyed his visit to Tennessee this weekend but is "Still fully committed to DA VILLE." That would be Louis, not Knox.
  • Dave Hooker notes that the de-commitment toll is up to seven, but also says that Dooley's approach of focusing more on finding diamonds in the 3-star rough is what most coaches would do under the horrible circumstances, try to hit several solid doubles and triples rather than spend all of his time trying to hit home runs.
  • The Metro Pulse advises a recalibration of expectations for Vol fans.
  • Mike Griffith directs readers' attention to Terry Bowden, who forsook a law degree in favor of his famous father's profession and won his first 20 games at Auburn starting back in 1993, and says that it's "somewhat of a precedent" that perhapsmaybesortakindaotherwigglewords Dooley can have success right out of the gate at Tennessee. Griffith does point out that Auburn had more talent under Bowden than Dooley will have in 2010, but hey. Silver linings and hope and all that.
  • Mike Strange says to watch out for Georgia and new head basketball coach Mark Fox, and not just because of Tennessee's loss to them on Saturday. No, Pearl has been leveraging his domination over the Bulldogs into recruiting successes in the Atlanta area, and that could become much more difficult if Georgia becomes a factor in SEC basketball.
  • Well it seems we are all stuck. I keep reading everywhere that everyone's sick to death of Lane Kiffin, yet everyone's still writing about him. David Climer at the Tennessean takes the opportunity to list the ten worst head-coaching fits in the SEC.
  • Dr. Saturday has the ten best plays of the 2009 season. WARNING: Vol fans will want to read 10-2 and then stop. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Video of the day: Day 1 of winter workouts for the football team. And I'll say it again: Take a hint from the SEC, Tennessee, and make these things embeddable. kthxbai.
  • Bonus link of the day: Should you eat that thing you just dropped on the floor?