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Urban Meyer's leave of his leave of absence will only last until the next time

Around the SB Nation today:



  • The Only Colors says that Michigan State's 65-64 win over Minnesota was "fully earned" as opposed to "surviving" or "stealing one." The Daily Gopher, meanwhile, is lamenting the loss of a game Minnesota had in hand for 33 minutes as well as what is "quickly becoming a lost season for the Gophers."
  • A Sea of Blue says that Kentucky legend and current Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey deserved better than the 101-70 beatdown the Wildcats gave the Razorbacks. By the way, Arkansas Expats says that the game wasn't as close as the 31-point difference made it seem. Heh.
  • Big Monday features Kansas vs Missouri in a huge Big 12 showdown. Previews: Rock Chalk Talk / Rock M Nation.
  • The UCONN Blog brings us the dunk of the year in college hoops.
  • Bring On The Cats posts its weekly Big 12 Outlook.
  • Seton Hall took out Pitt on the road on Sunday, 64-61.