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Help stock RTT's new apparel store

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Thanks to the SB Nation mothership, Rocky Top Talk is getting its very own online store where you -- yes YOU -- can buy customized apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats.

We'll have a link to the store for you once we get it set up, but to get it set up, we need to stock the sucker, and to do that, we need your help. Leave all your design ideas in the comments below, and Hooper, Will, and I will pick the best ones and get them made.

Be creative, but using team nicknames is a no-no, so don't use "Volunteers" or "Gators" or "Crimson Tide." Instead, use "Tennessee" or "Florida" or "Alabama." We also won't be able to use anyone else's artwork or other intellectual property. And yes, they'll need to be in keeping with the RTT community standards.

One we know we'll want right off the bat is a simple RTT shirt that incorporates the name, logo, and tag line of the site. What's our tag line, you ask? Good question. You tell me.

Other ideas:

  • Something for an upcoming game that we could all wear to the arena/stadium. I think Hooper had an idea for one for the Tennessee-Kentucky basketball game last year. Remind this feeble mind again what that was, please, Hooper. We'd need at least a 10-day lead time on those kinds of things.
  • Something celebrating a key victory. Like the Kansas win or Pearlfection, although those are probably already outdated.
  • Something poking fun of an opposing fan base, coach, or player.
  • Something supporting our own fan base, coach, or player. Like Will's own CHI$$LE! Or something playing on coach Dooley's mama's insistence on calling him "Precious."

What can you get? Like I said above, we can make t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats, for men, women, and youts.

How much do they cost? These things are very reasonably priced, as the mothership has power, son. A white t-shirt is $13.99. A colored one is just $15.99. Shipping is $6.00 for one item, and an extra dollar for each additional item until you get to $12, which is the max shipping cost. Apparently, there's no sales tax, because hey, this is Tennessee, and we've been hiding money from revenuers since pappy made his first still out of Lincoln Logs.

All right, RTT members. Whatcha got?