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Urban Meyer's not the only coach too busy to take care of himself

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Talking Points for 1/27/10:

  • Wayne Chism returned to practice yesterday and is expected to play tonight against Vanderbilt. Good thing, too, because Wheezy always comes up big against the Commodores and A.J. Ogilvy, and Vandy's pitting its nine-game win streak against UT's ten-game home win streak. Pearl, by the way, says that "Vanderbilt is playing better than anyone we've played here. Kansas came in, they were No. 1 but . . . they weren't playing their best basketball.'' So consider the stage set.
  • Nu'Keese Richardson has found a new home at Hampton. Best of luck to ya, Nu'Keese.
  • Video of the day: Bruce Pearl media comments from Monday. I'm going to keep saying this until it happens: UT, put shorts ads in these things and make them embeddable. About ten percent of readers will actually click through to watch it. The SEC's taken the leap, now it's your turn.