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Announcing the RTT online apparel store

[Note by Joel, 02/10/10 1:00 PM EST ] Will and I both just received our t-shirts. I got one that is solid orange (not available in the store, because I was warned by the company that it might not be the right shade for our tastes), and Will got a couple of black ones with orange lettering. Well, mine is definitely not Tennessee orange, and by the looks of Will's pics, the lettering on the black t-shirts isn't quite right, either, so for now, I have taken down the store. I'll be talking with them to see what options we have to true Tennessee orange, but until then, we'll just have to go shirtless like Pearl. (The shirts themselves are fine, by the way -- just not the right shade.)

Thanks to all y'all for the great ideas for our brand spanking new swag store. We couldn't use a bunch of the ideas (including our own) due to intellectual property issues, but there are some that were obviously front-runners, so we went ahead and added the CHI$$LE! and McB43! ideas.

Before you say, "What? No orange?" We've been warned that solid orange is only available in two shades and that they may not be perfectly Tennessee orange, so before making any of them available, I've ordered one so I can check it out myself. Jackson will make the call.

Until then, though, you can get both designs in either white or black. So head to the store and get what you want. They also gave us a fancy pants widget that I'll put here. When this post falls off the front page, I'll add it to the sidebar.