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Tennessee vs. Charlotte Open Game Thread

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Joel's under the weather, so you're stuck with my quick graphics-free version...but please hang out with us anyway...

#15 Tennessee (10-2) vs. Charlotte (10-3)

TV: CSS or ESPN360

It's the first game without the Vols' four suspended players, as the investigation continues on weapons and drug possession charges for Tyler Smith, Brian Williams, Cameron Tatum, and Melvin Goins. The Vols will start Bobby Maze, Scotty Hopson, J.P. Prince, Renaldo Woolridge, and Wayne Chism; Skylar McBee, Josh Bone, Kenny Hall, and Steven Pearl will all see action off the bench.

Charlotte won at Louisville and has losses to #5 Duke and #17 Georgia Tech. This should be interesting in the "I have no idea what's going to happen" sort of way...