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BCS National Championship Game - Alabama or Texas?

We again find ourselves in the uncomfortable spot of watching one of our biggest rivals play for a National Championship - we've walked this road with the hated Gators in 2006 and 2008, watching LSU win in 2007 knowing how close we were against them was frustrating too, and now we get the best of both worlds: our biggest rival will play for their 13th 8th consensus National Championship tonight, and no one was closer to preventing it than we were.

When it comes to this subject, Vol fans are usually divided, and passionately so. On the one hand, some would prefer an Alabama victory. A Crimson Tide win would make it four in a row for the SEC, and with three different teams taking home trophies in that span, the larger story is the continued overall strength of the conference. Some of us generally pull for the SEC in bowl games, and an Alabama win would put the conference over .500 at 6-4 this year. And plus, they're playing Texas...and thanks to Chris Simms and their disrespectful use of "UT", most of us don't like them anyway.

On the other's Alabama. And some of us wouldn't cheer for them to beat cancer.

So...who would you like to see win tonight? And feel free to use this post as a prediction thread as well...we'll have a live thread for those watching the game later tonight.