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College Football BlogPoll Week 6 Final Ballot

In its final glory.  (But I wouldn't mind a quick double-check just to make sure.  It looks sensible to me, but like a good engineer, I never mind a quality review.)

The SEC teams were re-ordered to match the Power Poll.  This made quite a mess, as South Carolina had to jump quite a bit and Alabama had to fall a ways.  I pulled Nevada down just a bit, though if they keep winning I won't want them out of the top 10.  Numbers 12 through 19 were ordered in what felt to be the most sensible way, and five teams falling out meant five teams entered.  I debated between Michigan and NC State for the final slot, but NC State's schedule suggests they've earned it more at this point.  The total delta was 138, which was largely a function of the teams that fell out.  Those 5 teams accounted for a delta of 43 on their own.