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College Football BlogPoll Week 7 Final Ballot

Here's the ballot in all its glory.

Adjustments from feedback

Most of the discussion from the draft was incorporated.  Utah went down, Oregon went up, Oklahoma went up, the applicable head-to-head tweaks were made, and the bottom of the draft was shuffled.

Auburn / LSU

I can't place them in a tie like I did with the SEC Power Poll, so adjacent slots will have to do.  Flip a coin and place 'em.  I can't be bothered editing them again because they'll fix themselves shortly enough.

Oklahoma State

Bumped 'em up a bit because of their undefeated record.  The game against Nebraska will simplify our lives here.


I tweaked Nevada down a bit further than the computer originally intended.


I adjusted Texas downward a bit when South Carolina and Mississippi St. came in.  Even given Nebraska's flub, I like this order better.

Odds and Ends

The total delta of the ballot was 122 - down a bit from the 136 from last week. This is a pretty comfortable range for a ballot delta in midseason and was spurred primarily by massive downward movements by teams like Ohio State and South Carolina.

Looking forward, the LSU / Auburn winner may or may not move up above TCU, depending on how TCU does against Air Force this weekend.  The USAFA game is a nice addition to the SOS for TCU, though.