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Nostalgia reigns on the 3rd (4th) Saturday in October and other Talking Points

  • Chris Low provides a much needed ‘hey remember when' post on the last time Alabama made the trip to Knoxville. If you're like me and had removed that night from your memory, this was the game in which Alabama invaded Neyland Stadium. It was not a fun night if you were donning orange. It was a textbook Saban Victory; slow, painful, boring, and the good guys were never really in it. What made it worse was the last quarter was essentially a party for Alabama fans. This game probably did the most to motivate the powers that be to force out Fulmer. Ugh, let's not have it be quite that depressing this time, eh?
  • John Zenor says this game is actually shaping up more like last year's match up. I could deal with that, just not, you know, the ending part. If that part were a little different this time, that'd be ok with me.
  • Here's a fun fact. Two of Tauren Poole's three 100 yard games this year have come against teams that are yet to lose a game. He would like a crack at being the first guy since the Law Firm of BenJarvis Green-Ellis in 2007 to run for 100 yards against the Tide.  
  • Earlier this week, Will recapped the current post-nuclear winter status of the SEC East. Today, Wes Rucker provides Dooley's as well as several player's thoughts on the chaos and the Vols' chances to take the East.

Dumb and Dumber - You're telling me there's a chance (via 805Bruin)

  • John Adams points out that the Tide has young players, deficiencies, injuries, pimples, embarrassing stories, and skeletons in their closet just like the rest of us.
  • This Alabama-centric article provides a nice summary of the entire history of the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry, through crimson colored glasses that is.