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Derek Dooley says you will not have a case of the Mondays

  • Today, the always optimistic John Adams reminds us that the South Carolina game has usually marked the start of a strong finish for the Vols. To which I would add the word "usually" should be taken with a grain of salt this year in that South Carolina is competing for a chance to go to Atlanta. Adams also points out some encouraging statistics on how the Vols match up with the final four teams they face in November.
  • Move over, Les Miles. Your title of most quotable coach in the SEC is being challenged. Turns out Dooley wasn't pleased with practice yesterday... like, at all. He also pointed out that some people in the organization called in sick on Monday and that shouldn't happen because well... it just doesn't happen. 

"Everybody in the country is sore," he said. "It's just a choice you make every day when you wake up - ‘I've got a headache.' I think there were a couple of people in our organization who didn't come to work Monday because they were sick. Are you kidding me? You shouldn't be sick on a Monday, right?

"Nobody gets sick on a Monday. Unless you aren't sick."

  • Despite the final score, Dooley, among others, pointed out that Saturday was actually one of the patchwork offensive lines best games this year, specifically praising the performances of Zach Fulton and JaWuan James. That's also encouraging news because they get JerQuari Schofield back this week for South Carolina.
  • Linebacker Herman Lathers reminisces about being thrown into the fold in the South Carolina game last year when Savion Frazier went down.
  • Everyone's favorite player Malik Jackson (who was also a Game Captain against Alabama) talks about playing the phone booth position on the defensive line. For those of you who don't follow football too closely, the phone booth position is where D-Line Coach Chuck Smith wants his best 4 defensive linemen on the field and you'll play wherever you're needed.
  • Garnet and Black Attack has scouting reports of the Vols Offense and Defense. Here's a hint, they mention youth.
  • On the Basketvol front, Freshman Forward Tobias Harris talks about his early morning workouts and shoot arounds. Other players also talk about a bigger commitment to the press this year.
  • Thanks to Wes Rucker, there is now a Derek Dooley Call Rommel Dance Remix. Click on the right sidebar, you're welcome.