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Bray Gets Reps, but Simms Expected to Be "100%" for USC

Tomorrow we head into our fifth consecutive conference game as double-digit dogs.  Today a quick round-up of various Vol chatterings:
  • Simms and his banged-up and black-stockinged knee were "limited" in practice yesterday, with Bray getting the first team action. But Simms will supposedly be "100 percent" by game time. It's not looking like Marsalis Teague will be able to go, so Prentiss Waggner and Eric Gordon got his time. JerQuari Schofield got some work, but doesn't look to be back tomorrow unless there is some form of emergency. 
  • Spurrier bemoans the Gamecocks' special teams woes, while Vols special teams coordinator Eric Russell says our guys are looking good and playing with "excitedness."
  • According to the News-Sentinel we also have an edge at RB.  Because we have two RBs and they only have one Destroyer of Worlds Lattimore. 2 > 1. Math! Also something about how Tauren Poole does well against good defenses, so South Carolina's success against the run (as we are limiting this discussion to humans, Cameron Jerrell Newton does not count) is a liability? I do not know the equation for this bit of logic, but I'm on board. 
  • Wes Rucker has a nice little feature on RB2 Young Buck Rajion Neal and how Dooley and Chaney are getting him involved.
  • Turning to hoops, we're opening up the season at #23, but our Memphis recruiting struggles continue as we learn that Melrose's Adonis Thomas is staying home next year. I know Calipari is gone and all, but it still kind of rankles to hear a guy explain picking Memphis over the Vols because of "the uncertainty about the program" and a desire not "to jeopardize my college career."

Thoughts and prayers with the Irish.  RIP Declan Sullivan.