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Two-day lingering Less Smiles hangover: "I jump right in"

The title was just a nod to the best advertisement presently on television, and about the only thing that can make me smile since Saturday. Yes, this still hurts. Yes, I internalize these losses waaaay more than a reasonable adult should. Yes, it would be sooo much healthier to be indifferent. But that particular fork in the road is just a spot on my rearview mirror. There is no turning back. So I sulk.

Good news? Our offense looked a lot better with Gerald Jones in the game. Our opponent next week appears to be quite beatable. Deon Grant (my favorite player ever) got himself an interception tonight. And that's about all I can think of. So I'll just hit you with a bunch of links, and then a poll -- which will make you feel just as crappy as me.

Dooley: Volunteers staff at fault in loss to LSU - NCAA Football - Sporting News

Vols to 'grow and get better' " GoVolsXtra

Adams: Dooley turning heads all over SEC " GoVolsXtra

What's worse than LSU's clock management? Tennessee's math. - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports

Dooley wanted to 'win it on offense' " GoVolsXtra

Dooley: 'we didn't do our part' " GoVolsXtra