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College Football BlogPoll Week 5 Final Ballot

Here it is, with comments after the jump.


The argument is fair either way.  I sided with Boise because their schedule has been tougher so far and because their defense has been more efficient.  But having Oregon at #2 would obviously be a sane decision as well.

SEC Teams

They have been re-ordered to the same as our SEC Power Poll.


They should be top 10, even though they've been inconsistent.  Their motus should be familiar to Tennessee fans: and early and dominant lead followed by a scheme that trades points for clock time.  Hey, they've won with it and I don't see it failing them for the rest of the regular season.


I think Nevada's the better team, but good arguments exist for a lot of possibilities for both teams.


They shouldn't be ranked at all, but they're undefeated and that still counts for something.  Besides, they were the better team on the field on Saturday, save for their offensive coaches.  That shouldn't have been a close game.


Despite a lack of discussion about them in the draft, I went ahead and put them back at 25 for now.  The reason?  Without them, K-State was the de facto #25, and I just couldn't justify that given their schedule.  They did beat UCLA, but that was before UCLA made the pistol offense work.  Early UCLA games are nothing like current UCLA games.  Ok. State was another possibility, but they didn't look very good in that win against A&M, so hey.

Odds and Ends

There were a bunch of other shifts, but most people seemed to be in relative agreement in the discussion, so I don't anticipate too much controversy.  Right now, most teams could reasonably be placed anywhere without about 5 spots of their current location, so I don't see too much to get worked up about.

The total delta of the ballot is 121, which is slightly higher than last week.  Much of this is because we're finally to the point where top 25 teams are playing decent competition, so we have actual reason to move teams other than speculation.  After another couple weeks, the delta will probably drop down to the 60-90 range, if previous years are any indication.