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Tennessee Vols National Rankings

Below is a list of Tennessee players ranking in the top 50 of the national rankings:

Player Ranking Stat
Daniel Lincoln 19th Field Goals
Nick Reveiz 21st Total Tackles
Marsalis Teague 29th Passes Defended
Chad Cunningham 35th Punting
Prentiss Waggner 38th Passed Defended
Tauren Poole 42nd Rushing


*Matt Simms is 51st in total passing yards.

Stuff Tennessee's Doing Kinda Sorta Well

Categories In Which Tennessee Is In The Top Quarter
Category Ranking
Passes Intercepted T-28th
Pass Efficiency Defense 27th
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense 17th

Stuff Tennessee's Not Doing Well At All

Categories In Which Tennessee Is In The Bottom Quarter
Category Ranking
Punt Returns 98th
Punt Return Yardage Defense 100th
Kickoff Returns 101st