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This Saturday in Athens: Expect the Unexpected

Talking Points Late to the Party Edition

  • John Pennington of MrSEC fame is telling fans to expect the unexpected this Saturday. Which is probably good advice since this will be the first time since 1906 that both Tennessee and Georgia have played while neither team was ranked. Both teams are desperate, both teams are in places they aren't used to being in, so yeah...  the unexpected is what you should expect.

The best punt returner in the conference was effectively shut down.

  • Think about that sentence. Then think about how it was in reference to a Tennessee special teams unit. Last week's coverage units were fantastic. More of that this week, please, and thank you.
  • 3rd and Jones. That's the clever headline for this GVX article on Gerald Jones' impact on the offense this past weekend in Baton Rouge. The article also provides injury updates on Dallas Thomas (out yesterday, day to day going forward) and Daniel Lincoln (day to day).

Simms took a huge hit in the first half at LSU on Saturday, and the defender told him he’d be in the backfield all day. The quarterback rapidly replied, "All right, so am I. I will be, too."