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THE WAGES OF SIN: Pretty good, apparently.

Grilled Cheesus
Grilled Cheesus

Rocky Top Talking Points, Primordial Duality Edition.

This week has been all about duality. Good vs. Evil. Losing SEC team vs. lost SEC team. A new coach on the job vs. wondering if you can put this on a resume. BEHOLD:

  • Reassuring Coaching Comment, Bad: In regards to Georgia somehow still being a 13-point favorite. "‘Wow,' Richt says. ‘Hope they're right. Are you kidding me? I don't look at those things, I really don't, but wow.'"
  • Wes Rucker Good: From his interview with Marsalis Teague: "Sometimes when we're all around, just hanging out or whatever, we start dancing to music. Prentiss (Waggner) has this little dance he does, and it's just hilarious. It's just ... it's just ... it's stupid, really. But it's hilarious."
  • Wes Rucker Bad: Nicknaming Justin Hunter 'The Virginia Slim.' Seriously?
  • ESPN Good: In one of those videos from his not-at-all-creepy wood paneled rec room, Chris Low rightly notes that Nick Reveiz is leading the SEC in tackes (50!!), and has "a heart as big as Neyland Stadium" (and as wide as Jordan Jefferson's quick slant).
  • ESPN Bad: Chris Low thoughtfully notes that Tennessee and Georgia suck this year, and throws in a Kiffin quote for good measure.