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Bryce Brown Drama Continues; Coach Orgeron Hospitalized

Quick round-up of your Friday morning news and links:
  • In the most tedious story of all time, everyone's favorite former Vol Bryce Brown has, in a sworn affidavit, cited the following reasons for requesting a release:
    • Feeling "too far away from home."
    • Realizing that he "did not fit in with the other players in the football program."
    • His teammates being "involved in a range of activities that [he] was not comfortable being around." (According to a separate affidavit signed by his father, this included Janzen Jackson, Nu'Keese Richardson, and Mike Edwards telling him they were "on their way to rob a convenience store.")
    • His father being "under a doctor's care for stress, insomnia, anxiety, anorexia, and marital discord."
    • His grandfather being treated for prostate cancer.
  • Wes Rucker looks at how the Vols will try to slow down A.J. Green. Secondary coach Terry Joseph gets in this gem: "Obviously, genetics has a lot to do with a guy that big."
  • Rucker also covers Chris Walker's multiple knee surgeries, Dooley putting Nick Reveiz on the "really small list of things I don't worry about," and Dallas Thomas and Daniel Lincoln each missing another day of practice as they hope to be ready for Saturday (Thomas faces a pregame test, Lincoln looks to be out). If Thomas can't go, we're looking at an OL with three true freshman and a sophomore going up against a Georgia DL that has had problems of its own.
  • John Adams takes a look at the five Georgia recruits Dooley has signed, including CB Justin Coleman, whose high school coach recently played him for 146 snaps in one game in a rather transparent attempt to kill him rather than allow him to become a Vol
  • Our old pal Coach O is back in the hospital because his broken foot got infected. We actually joked about hoping for this a few weeks back, and just to be clear that we are not using our power for evil, we do not actually hope Coach O dies of an infected foot. We ask that he go out like Herod the Great, who, according to trusty Wikipedia, was put down by a combination of "foot drop" and "a putrefaction of his genitals that produced worms, convulsions, and difficulty breathing before he finally expired."