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DeAnthony Arnett confirmed; Masoli questionable; Cam Newton is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a whole lot of money

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RTT Talking Points, too sleepy to write an intro edition:

Obligatory Cam-O-Every-Sports-Writer-In-Country-Empty-Column-Filler-Matic Note:

  • The insanely long Law and Order episode we call Cam Newton's life has yet! Another! Shocking! New! Revelation! Yesterday, Mississippi State released a statement confirming they contacted the SEC "regarding an issue relating to its recruitment of Cam Newton." Earlier, two mysteeerrrriouuuss sources who recruit for Mississippi State said that Cecil Newton and Newton the Younger said in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be part of a pay-for-play plan. And just in case there was any danger all this great melodrama might taper-off, the frickin feds are involved now. TMZ is reporting that the FBI has requested an interview with John Bond, the former Mississippi State quarterback who went on record this week claiming he know about a request by a third party for cash in exchange for the services of the future Mr. Entire-Auburn-Offense.