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Tyler Bray and the pick-six: filed under "stuff I like"

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If there exists a bigger fan than this here humble blog-contributor of our young QB -- who, as an aside, Joel hilariously noted exhibits many of the qualities of a good life raft -- it would have to be Gerald Jones, who continues to shower praise upon Tyler Bray.

"Everybody sees that he’s brought a spark to this team," Jones said. "When the defense sees the offense do good, it helps them do good. When the special teams see both of them do good, you know, it just trickles down.

"Everybody, and I mean everybody, can see the spark he’s brought to this team."

  • For all that Tyler Bray brings to the table, he certainly has been getting a lot of help from his receivers. This Andrew Gribble article, which presents interesting headline redundancy likely resulting from a lost bet by the author, discusses the "relationship" formed between Bray and his receivers.
  • Justin Hunter has recently received a lot of well deserved recognition, but I would be remiss to not devote at least one paragraph to seniors Gerald Jones and Denarius Moore, both of whom will be greatly missed next year. How many key third down catches has Jones had, and how ridiculously steady has he been? When was the last time Moore didn't have a huge play? Biggie ups to both these guys.
  • Speaking of biggie ups, I've got a handful of those to toss in the direction of Tauren Poole for apologizing for what I would characterize as a rather innocuous touchdown celebration. Classy guy.
  • Prenti$s $Waggner considers himself a ball-hawk and I cannot disagree. With his pick-six on Saturday, he broke the UT record, previously held by Eric Berry, for most pick sixes in a single season. He plans on giving EB a call. Speaking of the pick six.....

Diatribe that my friends have been hearing for years: The pick-six is, in my estimation, the most exciting play in all of sports. Yes, you read that correctly, all of sports. Two aspects of the pick-six stick out in my mind. First, the play completely changes the game. When Team A is driving down the field and appears to be within striking distance of a touchdown, and then Team B picks it off and takes it back the other way, that's a 14 point swing that in most instances decides the game right then and there (Indeed, I called "ballgame" after Eric Gordon's TD. As "ballgame" calls go, this one was arguably premature but ultimately correct.).

Second, I just love the aesthetic of the play. You've got the camera moving in one direction following an in-flight pigskin directed at a guy wearing a dark jersey, and then all of a sudden you see a guy in a white jersey begin to make a move in the opposite direction across the screen. And then....schuuuunk....the guy in the white jersey has the ball and the camera immediately moves back in the other direction to follow the white-jersey'd DB, who at this point is the only person on the field in full-stride, as he he streaks down the sideline. I just love me some pick six. And one of the many reasons that I like the college game better than the pro game is that the pick six seems to happen with much much greater frequency at the college level (someone correct me if I'm wrong on this one....I'm going off observation alone).

After the jump: a poll, a quick injury update, and a random video clip that has nothing to do with anything else I've written.

Injury update: Zach Fulton should be back. Basically our entire secondary is day-to-day. Aren't we all.

Again, completely unrelated to anything I've written thus far, but just a song that I like and that you'll like, and that you'd like even more if, like me, you were a UT grad and Tennessee fan residing in a land far away. There should be a silly little poll right below the Kings of Leon clip, and your vote is of course appreciated.

Until next time....