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What Tennessee's Future Opponent Did This Weekend

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I Know What You Did Last Week: A quick look at how Tennessee's remaining opponents performed this past weekend. This one should be quick!

Vanderbilt Commodores and Kentucky Wildcats

  • Vandy lost at Kentucky, 20-38. The 'Dores are 2-8 overall and 1-6 in the conference. Their wins came against Ole Miss and Eastern Michigan.
  • Kentucky is 6-5 and 2-5 in the conference. Their pelts include Louisville, Western Kentucky, Akron, Charleston Southern, Vanderbilt, and the outlier -- South Carolina. But they also lost to Ole Miss.
  • Here's the drive chart for the Vandy-Kentucky game Saturday.

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


Conclusions: Dial back the confidence for this weekend a bit, as A Sea of Blue says that Vandy dominated the first half. Also, Randall Cobb was Randall Cobb, meaning he was awesome, and while we're playing Vandy this week, the 'Cats will be preparing for us. But Vandy first.