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Tennessee Vols At Vanderbilt Commodores: Guessing Game

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As suggested, we're putting up the Guessing Game questions earlier this week so folks are less likely to miss them on Saturday. The questions:

  1. Will Tyler Bray pass for 300 yards or more?
  2. Does UT rush for 200 yards or more?
  3. How many interceptions does the Tennessee defense get?

Put your answers in THE SUBJECT LINE of your response to this thread. For example, my guesses:

Yes, Yes, 2

Correct answers get you points in the Guessing Game season standings. By the way, I wanted to say "No" to the rushing question, but I'm already on record as predicting 200, so I'm sticking with that, although I'm having trouble believing in the idea of 500 total yards.

Have fun, and Go Vols!