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College Football BlogPoll Week 9: Still Crowded at the Top

We may have lost two undefeateds, but there are still five undefeateds left.  Although one will be guaranteed to lose this weekend, we're not to a clear NC game picture yet.

I went ahead and moved Oregon to the top slot on account of their crisp play this last week.  They, Boise, and TCU were very solidly the top three and I could take them in any order.  Like we discussed, I am leery of Auburn based on lesser defensive play as well as offensive numbers that are less than that of Boise or Oregon.  If you have to pick an undefeated to lose (other than the TCU/Utah game) at some point, Auburn is clearly the safe play.

The Big 10 fiasco was straightened out mostly along beatpath lines, but I moved Iowa below the others because they have two losses instead of just one.  Granted, they were losses to Arizona and Wisconsin, but they're the 4th team in conference.

FSU, Miami, and Navy are out, and Baylor, NC State, and Hawaii are in.  I still wish this was a top 26 because I'd like to hat tip SDSU for their good start, but that's not going to happen.  Just know that SDSU would be the next in line in my eyes.

The total delta of the ballot is 88, which is up a tick from the previous week on the losses of Missouri and Michigan State.  They not only cause a lot of minor upshifting at the otherwise sedate top of the poll, but their own drops accounted for roughly 20 percent of the delta alone.