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Vols' Simms Benched; Bray to Start v. Memphis

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Quick Tuesday round-up:

  • Folks, we got ourselves a brand spankin' new starting QB. True freshman Tyler Bray and his upper back of explosive self love will get the start Saturday. In the ultimate silver lining, Wes Rucker reports that, with the Vols at times potentially fielding 8 true freshmen, 1 redshirt freshman, 1 sophomore, and 1 senior, Bray's take is that "It keeps me more relaxed knowing I'm not the youngest guy in (the huddle)." That would be the huddle where Bray is having problems being heard. 
  • Also a new punt returner: Janzen Jackson. Ever the optimist, Dooley says he might just close his eyes.
  • Jacques Smith won't be missing any time for his little simple assault in a scuffle (or sucker punch to the back of the head, depending on who's telling the story) over a female. "It's been happening since Adam and Eve," Dooley said, most likely in reference to Vols being arrested on Cumberland Ave. 
  • Bobby Bowden was in Knoxville for some reason.  In "good ole boy coaches who dominated the 90s before watching things kind of fall apart before getting shoved out the door" solidarity, he cracked wise on Kiffin. He thinks Dooley will do "a heckuva job."
  • And, finally, this article says something about the hoops squad, but we were far too distracted by Skylar McBee's positively lustrous locks to retain any information.