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Early Games Open Thread

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Tennessee's not up until 7:30 EST tonight, and we have a full slate of games today, so here's your open thread for the early games. The schedule, once again from a Volunteers' perspective:

Troy Trojans at South Carolina Gamecocks Saturday 12:21 SECN
Appalachian St. Mountaineers at Florida Gators Saturday 12:30 ESPNGP
Ohio St. Buckeyes at Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday 3:30 ABC
Virginia Tech Hokies at Miami Hurricanes Saturday 3:30 ESPN
Mississippi Rebels at LSU Tigers Saturday 3:30 CBS
Arkansas Razorbacks at Mississippi St. Bulldogs Saturday 7:00 ESPN
Tennessee Volunteers at Vanderbilt Commodores Saturday 7:30 CSS/ESPNGP
Nebraska Cornhuskers at Texas A&M Aggies Saturday 8:00 ABC