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Tyler Bray temporarily brought back to earth; set to blast back off Saturday at 12:21pm

What?  You thought I would cease singing the praises of Tyler Bray after one half of so-so football?  Nonsense.  These talking points are brought to you by the supporters of the Tyler Bray Fanclub, the organization over which I oversee operations in my role as President and CEO.  Have you ever read a more more completely untrue and yet official-sounding sentence? (you probably have).

After the jump, a bold and unsupported prediction from yours truly and -- because this is just what I do -- a song that I like that is only partially relevant but that I manage to work in anyway.

I am going to go on record as predicting a win against Kentucky and a big big day from Tyler Bray.  Four TD passes and 300 yards without breaking a sweat.  Indeed he'll be flat-lining while he's blasting off.  I can't wait.

Systems. Go.

(This was the best live version I could find.  Great song, and you can find a better musical version of it on YouTube, but I hate linking a blank screen.)

Despite what was written in the opening paragraph, the blog post was actually brought to you by kidbourbon, whose only regret was not working in the phrase "blasts off" at least one more time.