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2007: The Group That Never Quit

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Ordinarily, it's good form to avoid using essentially the same title for a story that somebody else has used.  GVX's title for the following video uses the same Gerald Jones quote that I used (and theirs was first - hence why I'm embedding).  However, there is really no other way to describe the seniors that will play their final game in Neyland this weekend.

Gerald Jones wishes the class to be known this way, and I can't think of any other description I'd like to use for them.  As much as I've noted that the 2007 class rankings ended up far above the actual performance of the class, that was due entirely to absences.  Those who stayed gave as much for the team as any class and deserve to be remembered on their own terms - not by those who never even made it to campus.

(P.S.  I've had troubles with GVX embeds in the past, so if the embed doesn't work, go here.  It's worth the 5 minutes.)