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Thankful for the Vols! And also pictures of the Kentucky logo on a bird carcass.


RTT Talking Points- Seriously, it's Thanksgiving, Get Off the Frickin Computer edition

Sorry kids, it's Thanksgiving. Instead of talking points, you're getting a picture of what I did instead of talking points, a noble Ballotine de Poulet. For those you that don't parlay-voo frawn-say, that's French for "Kentucky's secondary against Bray and Poole." I'll be back next week to gloat viciously to Wildcat and evil-curse-bestowing RTT editor alike.

Before I go gorge myself mercilessly, thought- one thing I'm thankful for is RTT. Everybody pat yourselves on the back.- for me, at least, It's lonesome being a Vol fan out in the Far Non-Volen-Hinterlands, and these users, this community, and these admins have made this a great place, and one that feels like home.

Enjoy the utter collapse of Texas (8PM tonight), and Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!