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Lady Vols (with 100% more Baugh) Take on Georgia Tech - 8:00 PM EST

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Georgia Tech Logo

November 26, 2010
Paradise Jam - St. Thomas
8:00 PM EST

TV: Some guy with a camcorder in the second row

Live audio: UT Sports
Live stats: Paradise Jam



Lady Vols Logo
  #4 (AP)
#4 (USA Today)


After comfortably dispatching Missouri 82-44, the Lady Vols move on to game 2 of their Paradise Jam schedule, taking on the Yellow Jackets. Yeah, I'm as surprised as anyone that Tech can actually put together a women's team (maybe they came from Georgia State?), but hey, here they are. Unlike most teams Tennessee's faced so far, the Lady Yellow Jackets (Queen Jackets?) have faced decent competition. Granted, they're 0-3 against said competition, including a 71-51 loss to UConn and a 67-58 loss yesterday to Georgetown. But hey, they beat Prairie State A&M 61-37.

Expected starters are below:


Position Name Experience Height PPG RPG APG
Lady Vols Logo G-F Angie Bjorklund Sr 6-0
4.2 2.8
Meighan Simmons
Fr 5-9 16.8 2.8 2.4
G-F Shekinna Stricklen Jr 6-2 11.6
F Glory Johnson
Jr 6-3 7.6 8.8 0.4
C Kelley Cain
Jr 6-6 7.4 5.4 1.4
Georgia Tech Logo G Tyaunna Marshall
15.2 6.5 2.2
G Metra Walhour
6.5 0.8
Alex Montgomery
C LaQuananisha Adams Jr
5.2 3.8 0.0
C Sasha Goodlett Jr
7.6 5.4 1.0


Lots of height here, although it's pretty clear at this point that Alex Montgomery is the engine here. She's also the biggest deep threat(!) for the Yellow Jackets, Metra Walhour is your typical PG who doesn't come near the basket. Oddly (or maybe not oddly, given their competition), Georgia Tech just doesn't shoot well from anywhere, including the stripe. That doesn't bode well.

Meanwhile, the Ladies get Vicki Baugh back from injury, which should help depth a bit. Baugh's also needed against this much height. I can see her getting the start over Simmons, if only because Glory Johnson will likely be needed on the interior. Even with that, the starting five that Summitt has gone with will do a good job against this Yellow Jacket starting five, especially if Stricklen draws Montgomery. Other than that, the same things we've been preaching all year apply here, too: avoid foul trouble on the interior, prevent Marshall (who has only attempted 2 threes all season) from driving, use the inside-outside-combo. I wouldn't expect the 7-25 assist-TO ratio from yesterday, but it should be an advantageous break. It'll be more difficult than Missouri, but still should be a comfortable victory.