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Tyler Bray and Denarius Moore go loco on everybody

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This edition of talking points is brought to you by "Yo Gotti", the inspiration for all this offensive touchdown celebratin' craziness.

  • Me, you, and Tyler Bray are all going to miss Denarius Moore next year. Denarius knew what had to get done. You're my boy, D-Mo!
  • The Vols extend the Kentucky win streak to 26, which makes me really happy in an evil, schadenfreude sort of way. What is the second longest streak in the country? If anybody knows, please leave in the comments. Thanks.
  • And the Valley Shook has this bowl projections post and with every scenario they go through Tennessee is still in the Music City Bowl against UNC or Boston College. Most of the chatter I've heard seems to suggest that UNC will likely end up being our opponent in the Music City Bowl. You never know how this will shake out, but it is certainly better, in my humble opinion, than the Liberty Bowl alternative.
  • Austin Ward channeling Derek Dooley channeling Nick Saban.
  • Speaking of Derek Dooley, the UT players seem to like our perfectly-coifed Head Coach. But, to be fair, when has there ever been article about the players hating their head coach? Not to imply that is the case. Just saying.
  • Speaking of head coaches, Bruce Pearl says that this group is his hardest working team. To be fair, I've never seen an article where the coach says that his players are abjectly lazy, but maybe I'm just not reading enough. The BasketVols' next game is Tuesday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m. against the mighty Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State University.

Until next time, kidbourbon will be talking about himself in the third person and coming up with as many socially acceptable ways as possible to "go loco". Wish me luck.